Board of Directors

Campbell Kelley - President
Matthew Raponi - Vice President
Austin Riley - Secretary Treasurer

Executive Staff

Brant Doner - Administrator

Where We Serve

At Abused Children’s Fund we are dedicated to taking a stand against the horrific and disgusting crimes that are committed everyday against beautiful and innocent children of all ages around the world.


This year our team, led by our Director of Operations Campbell Kelley, went on a relief mission to our partners in the Philippines where we helped provide over $5,000,000 of medical aid! He also worked at the feeding program in the smoky mountain community in Manila where thousands of children go hungry, hunt for garbage all day to sell for the price of a meal and are without any education. “When we think of poverty, hunger and abuse, normally we think of Africa, where we also provide support, but the fact is that tens of thousands of children are sexually trafficed in the Philippines alone. And thousands of children live off of one meal a day that might cost around eleven cents. We at ACF are making a difference in these children’s lives and I’m proud to be a part of our team.”

-Campbell Kelley, Director of Operations


With your priceless support we continued working with our partners to help rescue and feed children living on the streets in Kampala, Uganda. We also support our local orphanage where many rescued street children now live.


ACF continues to support our partners in Belize who run a Christian academy for children in a rural village. The children are also provided with a daily meal and are learning more every day about how they can one day change the world.

United States:

In the U.S. with your support, we succeeded with rescuing children from dangerous living situations here in our own community. “Your work has helped us so much. Providing not only emotional support and care for our family but also financial support to help with the costs of school supplies, food and clothes for our adopted children. We can’t thank you enough.”

– Marissa



“The work and help of Abused Children’s Fund has helped save and rescue the lives of many children here in Juarez, Mexico. Before children were abused and living on the streets, they now have a safe place to live and even an education. ACF is helping to change the cycle of abuse and poverty here in our community. We cannot thank the donors enough for their support. Without you these children could not be helped!”

-Juarez Mexico Orphanage and School Director


In 2013 ACF began supporting the mission of several orphanages in Jamaica to reach out to abused children and provide them with food, shelter and even an education. The incredible work that was started decades ago by dedicated individuals has produced amazing stories of hope and care for abused children. Our partners provide care for mentally challenged children in their community. With your help, we are making a difference in their lives!

South Africa:

We’ve continued to help abused and vulnerable children living in dangerous “townships” receive therapy, care and food in South Africa.