Aid for Sexually Trafficked Children
within the United States

Although typically when we talk or think about human trafficking, we imagine a far away country like South Africa, Russia, China or even closer Mexico, but this problem occurs on a large scale right here at home in the United States.

Abused Children's Fund (ACF) is proud to be partnering and teaming up with several different organizations around the country campaigning for a new look at and possible solutions of sexual trafficking within the borders of the United States.

The beginning stages of this project include researching and recording the gray and unexplored areas of human trafficking throughout the US. This initial research will be followed by a campaign to spread awareness and then proposing and initiating various ways to cease one of America's worst and least talked about problems.

An estimated 17,000 people and children are trafficked into the United States every year.

Although authorities don't yet have a precise number, the estimate of American citizens trafficked within the United States is said to be even higher.

Beyond just collecting information to spread awareness, ACF and its partners plan to improve and make easier the transition for the sexually trafficked children back into regular society by putting them into contact with currently existing rehabilitation centers in the United States.

If you wish to aid in our collaborative effort to bring an end to sexual trafficking in the US, please go to our "How to Help" page. We thank you for helping us aid the uncared for and abused children of today.

Goals to the "US Mapping" project include:

Prevention ~ Through heightened awareness and collabrative efforts, etc.
Legal Advocacy ~ assistance from law enforcement services, etc.
Support Services ~ Rehabilitation centers, emergency response, etc.
Research and Awareness ~ lobbying and educational programs