Mission Statement

As Christians we have come together to follow Christ's teaching of helping the most vulnerable children around the world. Abused Children's Fund provides basic human needs to children, women, families and communities, particularly, but not limited to, those affected by suffering, poverty, poor health, insufficient education and by being victim of human trafficking. This is accomplished by providing or supporting programs that deliver food, clean water, health care, abused or abandoned children's care and housing, educational and vocational training and mentoring, and by equipping individuals with the means to transition to sustaining their own lives through business enterprises.

We work with our Christian partners around the world to help achieve our goals and fulfill Christ's calling. We thank you for you support and partnership to battle the perverse crimes afflicted on children everyday around the world. Today, because of our help together with our donors many children are safer, healthier, happier and know first hand of Christ's love for them!