Care For Abused Children
Manilla, Philippines

This child protection project has established a model child welfare and protection system for Filipino children in especially difficult circumstances. Through work with our partners, ACF has provided essential medicines, supplies, professional services and most importantly caring full-time staff and volunteers who work directly with poor children. Victims of sexual abuse are now living in a loving, therapeutic supportive home life environment that promotes healing and the hope of re-integration into normal life.

After several of our ACF board members visited projects dedicated to rescuing, sheltering, feeding and educating children who had been abused our partners have a very special place in the ACF Family. They continue to inspire everyone they work beside with their steadfast dedication, determination, discipline and diligence.
Without the Donors of Abused Children’s Fund many Filipino children who have been taken care of, fed, housed, rescued and shown the mercy of God’s love might be otherwise still out on the merciless streets in Manila or worse, enslaved.
Thanks to Donors like YOU, these children now have hope for a bright life and exciting future!