Jocelin is only 6 years old but has experienced more terror than most of us experience in our lifetime. When she was only 4 years old a farmer found her wandering in the remote hills of Juarez. She was naked, dirty, hungry, crying and afraid. The farmer called the authorities and she was brought to DIF, Mexico's version of Child Protective Services. DIF social workers had Jocelin examined and it was confirmed that she had been savagely raped.

After further investigation authorities discovered two other children at Jocelin's home, a girl and a boy, aged 5 and 6, alone at the house. Their mother worked down the street and it was her practice to leave her children for days at a time, putting the 6-year-old brother in charge.

Jocelin had been kidnapped from the house several days before by a male "friend" of the mother. The two children were relocated to Emmanuel. Jocelin, who had been so traumatized by the experience, lost her ability to speak since being found. She was placed in a special home for traumatized children in order that she could receive therapy. She was totally closed off, unwilling to communicate or even acknowledge the presence of others except in one circumstance.

Once a week Jocelin's siblings would visit her. It was during these weekly visits that Jocelin would come to life, hugging and talking with her sister and brother. After joining her brother and sister at Emmanuel, Jocelin has turned into a real spitfire, very loving and affectionate, but still very uneasy if something in her world seems out of line. She continues to grow through the love and affection from her peers and the caring teachers around her daily.