Orphaned & School Programs

Hundreds of abandoned children wander the streets of Mexico alone, not knowing where their next bite of food will come from. Hundreds of thousands of Mexican children are orphaned or abandoned.

Hogar de Ninos was created by Rev. Josue Lopez in 1961 to be a safe place for over 100 of these homeless, neglected, and deserted children in Juarez, Mexico's most dangerous city.

Police find children living like human refuse on the dirty, crime-ridden streets in Juarez. They bring them to Hogar de Ninos because they know they will be will-cared for there.

Other children find their way to the Home" when their families can no longer care for them. Sometimes their parents have turned to alcohol or drugs; sometimes they struggle and are not able to provide adequate food and shelter for their children.

The home offers these children nutritious meals, a warm bed, and the basic needs in personal hygiene and development. The children can mature physically as well as spiritually. In addition to this and education, the children receive medical care at their medical and dental clinic.

The people at Hogar de Ninos focus each day to give the children a sense of destiny, a sense of future.