Street Children Ministry , Uganda

With God's Love, ACF focuses on helping children who are on the streets because of hardships and lack of a home after having been orphaned or abandoned. These children do not want the street life, but a caring, loving environment.

Through SCM, ACF helps the disadvantaged youths through formal education or vocational training. They teach practical life skills to become self-sustaining productive members of society. Their main focus is on providing a better way of living, a sense of direction with values and disposition of loving God and neighbors.

Homes are created where compassionate adults live with the children and share their day-to-day experiences with them, serving as a role model. The children are taught in a classroom setting by their mentor and they see their mentor embody these principles in home life and through community service projects. Although the children are victims of AIDS, poverty or other problems, part of each day is given to community service, so they can transcend the feeling of being victims themselves.